​​​Client 1535

Cost Estimate: Roof - $5,000 & Interior - $3,000

This is an elderly woman with mild Alzheimer’s, living with her grandson and on a fixed income.  The roof is leaking in multiple places. The ceiling has brown spots in multiple areas with sagging sheetrock and mold. She has limited family for support and is unable to provide the repairs herself.  Over the past weeks, during Tropical Storm Colin, she was collecting water in five buckets throughout the home which needed to be emptied several times a day.  We are seeking donors to help cover the cost of repairs, skilled roofing volunteers and volunteer groups to help with tear out and repair of the ceilings following the roof repair.  

Client 1539


Estimated Cost:  Roof - $5,720 & Interior - $6,900

This is the home of an elderly lady on a fixed income.  The ceiling sheetrock is sagging in several rooms and will need to be removed following roof repairs.  She does not have a working air conditioner and there is mold present in the home.   The home needs a new air conditioner, removal of damaged sheetrock and flooring, and installation of insulation, sheet rock, flooring, paint and trim.  We are seeking donors for roofing and interior repairs and weekly volunteer crews for interior repairs.       

Your Tax Deductible Donation to the United Way  of Pasco will help rebuild the homes of those who are still suffering from the July/August 2015 flooding event, including the active cases listed on the below.

Client 1543

Estimated Cost: $4,000 for Roof & $2,000 Interior 

These are two sisters living together and  both are on limited incomes due to disabilities.  They are cared for by their sister who lives in the area.  The rains and storms of 2015 caused several leaks in the roof of the home resulting in interior damage.  The ceilings collapsed in the sunroom and living room. Samaritan’s Purse gutted the interior of the home in August and placed a tarp on the roof.  The roof needs to be repaired along with the interior ceilings.  We are seeking donors as well as skilled roofing volunteers and volunteer crews for interior work.  

Buiilding back stronger from disaster